My name is Sadegh Dalvandi (in persian: صادق دالوندی).  I am a research fellow at University of Southampton working in PRiME project. I am also a PhD student (defended my thesis, but not officially graduated yet!) in Computer Science at School of Electronic and Computer Sciense, University of Southampton. I also obtained a Master’s degree in Software Engineering from the University of Southampton (2012). I finished my undergraduate studies at Azad University of Arak in Iran.

My main research interest is Formal Methods in Software Engineering. You can find out more about my research and personal projects in this website. I am interested in photography. I am going to share some of my photos here. If you need to get in touch with me, just drop me an email. I can be reached at sadegh [at sign] dalvandi [dot] com.

Ketabhub.com (in persian: کتاب ‌هاب) is a side project I am working on at the moment. It is an online marketplace for selling and buying books.